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Anyone have information on how these boys were armed in the early spring of ?

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The 8th Iowa Cavalry was armed with the Burnside Carbine. For sidearms, they carried the Remington. By April , they had been issued Spencer carbines with 7-round chambers. I think you are wrong on what pistol they carried. In addition they were both 44 cal. My grt grt grandfather enlisted in the 8th Iowa calvary. He was captured at Newnan and survived captivity at Andersonville. He returned home to Albia Ia and suffered from poor health the rest of his life. I possess his 8th reunion ribbon. His family was in Albia during the census and he was older than many with several children but felt obligated to serve.

Cindy Stiles. Roger, you are correct. I misspoke and should have stated the 8th Iowa Cavalry carried Remington 44 pistols. Treichler, I have been doing some research as to the various regiments in Gen. Up to that time according to inventory records the 8th Iowa was armed with Cosmopolitans and Burnsides as of the fall of I have found out that the 4th Kentucky Mounted Inf.

My research did not disclose who had the Spencer rifles before the 8th Iowa, although I suppose they could have been new issue.

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I suspect that this was not the case and that they were turned over by another regiment. Major Dance did not mention this directly in his diary. Do youhave any infomation on Pvt. He is an ancestor of mine. Any leads on photos of him too?

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RIchard Wright, richardwright02 yahoo. He was from Van Buren County. He was promoted to 7th Corporal on March 24, His company commander was Captain Edgar Pickett. I hope this helps. Treichler, I know this is an old post, but I just discovered it.

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I am from Pinson, AL Mt. Pinson in the war and have been researching Croxton due to my home area. There is a place called Turkey Creek and what was once the Mt. Pinson on 19 April I discovered a what I call a Scroll type 3 Branded in a tree about 30 feet up on a tree next to turkey creek maybe a quarter mile from the foundry site.


I had read that symbols like that were used to mark way points, distances, units and encampments. If part of the 8th Iowa was encamped there do you know where I can find any info on them or diary entries about the area? In the War of the Rebellion, serial , p. On April 19, it indicates that the command, minus the 8th Iowa Cavalry, encamped near Mount Pinson, approximately 14 miles from Elyton.

Company K goes across the creek first, then C, then G. - مستندات Google

Camp on the river bank and wait until morning. Hope this helps, Don Treichler. Don, I am looking for information on my great grandfather Joseph W. Dilley who was with the Iowa 8th Cavalry, Company L? Any thing you can share about engagements and if they were part of the group surrounded at Newman Georgia? Joseph W. Dilley enlisted on October 14, from Dubuque, IA. His company commander was Captain Aaron Pinney.

It is difficult to determine precisely which men from the various 8th Iowa Cavalry companies rode south on the Macon RR with McCook since they downsized the companies and left some of the men in the rear. In any event, when surrounded at Newnan not Newman , McCook ordered the 8th Iowa first to clear the road and then to fight a rear guard action.

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Greatly out numbered and running out of ammunition, the 8th Iowa Cavalry finally surrendered. A small group under the command of Captain John Dance, Company K commander, fought their way out of the encirclement and were able to return to the main force. Later, those captured and not dying in captivity, we repatriated and the regiment reformed. Don, Thank you very much for this information on my great great grandfather in the Iowa 8th Cavalry.

Can you tell me where i can find your book, since I am sure it will be an interesting read. The book is carried by Amazon under Don Treichler. It is in print and Kindle.

Dilley, Jr. He says his policy of transferring these Memorials to members of the Dilley family is very liberal. This way Mr. DeLong can do the transfers and you can then add more information and pictures. If you have question about FAG, call my cell phone 3zero5. Dale Talkington, Stillwater, OK. He was in Company G. Or maybe information on that company in general? I have a gg-grandfather that served with the 8th Iowa company M. He settled in Barbour County Ala after the war.

His name was James Thomas Knight. Though he served with Iowa, he may have been born in Ind. Dear Dr.

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He was originally from Indiana. His enlistment date was August 20, He was wounded at Cassville, GA on May 9, Subsequently he was discharged on May 29, Like so many of you in this conversation my great grandfather was in the 8th; Howard Gordon Co. Enlisted in Appanoose Co. Captured in Newman with so many others, and imprisoned near Macon. The Newnan battle site is well preserved and marked with detailed kiosks and maps at the site.

Well worth a visit. He always said he was held in Andersonville, but my research there revelaled no listing of him. The Iowa historical building in Des Moines holds the original enlisted documents for the 8th. Great to see the oringinal handwriting of our ancestors on their enlistment documents. You are commenting using your WordPress.