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Are you meeting someone at the lake am see or by the sea an der see? There are some hints that can help you remember the gender of a German noun. These guidelines work for many noun categories, but certainly not for all. For most nouns, you will just have to know the gender. The highest percentage of German nouns are masculine.

Memorizing these rules will help you get gender right without having to guess—at least, not all the time! The article for words in these categories is always "der" the or "ein" a or an. One easy aspect of German nouns is the article used for noun plurals. All German nouns, regardless of gender, become die in the nominative and accusative plural. So a noun such as das jahr year becomes die jahre years in the plural.

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  • Voi avete gli orologi, noi abbiamo il tempo: Manifesto generazionale per non rinunciare al futuro (Strade blu. Non Fiction) (Italian Edition).

Sometimes the only way to recognize the plural form of a German noun is by the article, for example das fenster window , die fenster windows. Ein can't be plural, but other so-called ein -words can: keine none , meine my , seine his , etc. That's the good news.

The bad news is that there are about a dozen ways to form the plural of German nouns, only one of which is to add an "s" as in English.

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Share Flipboard Email. Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 years at high school and college levels and published several books on the German language and culture. Updated January 31, Articles for words in these categories are das the and ein a or an :. I thought it was an old coven, but its just a modern conversion of the vault! As for the museum at the end, thats a bit of a stretch!

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As for the "generous" whiskey and shortbread, I'm sure its incorporated into the ticket price! All in all, it was ok. Maybe the longer tour is good - but if it was for paranormal activity and interest I would go the The Cityb of the Dead, and although I didnt get to go in the end, I think i would check out the council run tour of the undergound ways.

More historical facts - less silly stories told in a slightly panto way.

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Hope this helps.. The tour was recommended to us by the hotel as being the best company to go with of the few that operated tours in the area. Auld reekie run a coulple of differnt tours within the old town of Edinbourgh, depending upon how scary you want it to be, and you are shown around by a gothicly dressed and theatrical guide.

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My fiancee and I went on the ultimate terror tour, which culminates in the south bridge vaults at midnight after a tour of the forgotten backstreets above covering the vile, sordid and sometimes terrifying history of the city. From the sanitation to the witch trials via an unusual tradtion at the "heart of the city". The tour is already worth the money by the time you comes into a small display room at the enterance to the vaults full of gruesome instruments of torture and humiliation. Just the thing to put you in the mood for entering one of the most haunted places in Britain. The vaults are presented first in their historical context, as well as a few explanations and precautions for some of the ghostly encounters that have occoured here.

Moving from the site of an abandoned whitches temple, still plagued by the demonds that drove out the occupants, via the spot where constant sightings of a small figure led to the discovery of the body of a long dead child, still stuck in the chimney he was cleaning, to the haunted vault - the home of the south bridge poltergeist.

I won't spoil what tale you are told in the pitch black of the haunted vault, but it was truely terrorfying, and left me in need of the free drink that the tour generously lays on for you at Edinburghs most haunted pub.

Restaurant Pazzola, Disentis

The tour overran by twenty minutes, so we actually got nearly a two hour tour with Reegan, and it was easily the best thing that I did on my trip to edinburgh. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Panto but the vaults themselves are Auld Reekie Tours. Tours , Sightseeing Tours. Panto but the vaults themselves are interesting.

Panto but the vaults themselves are... - Auld Reekie Tours

Review of Auld Reekie Tours. Ask Gelfling about Auld Reekie Tours. See all 1, reviews.

Ways to Experience Auld Reekie Tours. Quick View. Haunted Vaults and Graveyard Walking Tour in More Info.

Ghost and Torture Tour in Edinburgh. Underground Walking Tour in Edinburgh. Terror Walking Tour in Edinburgh. Related to items you viewed. City of the Dead Tours.

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Mercat Tours. Ghost Hunter Trail. Free Ghost Tour. The Ghost Bus Tours. Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour. Shop Tickets And Tours. Shop Now. Outdoor Activities. Reviews 1, Write a review.