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Musings on the politics of governance and development

Although implicitly political, constructive policy debate is non-partisan and not anti-government even when seeking to improve the government's policies , so it's common for aid agencies and host governments to agree that aid should support the participation of the interested public. The book has an unfortunate tendency to interpret aid's long history of evaluating and seeking to do better on governance matters as a confession of failure or indifference.

Thomas Carothers - Development Aid Confronts Politics: The Almost Revolution

The opposite reading seems to fit better. Also, the concern for under-appreciation of specialist Democracy Officers seems overdone. The book's views on economics "Economics emphasizes consensual ideas" and on the history of development economics' impact on aid deserve a separate discussion.

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Programs Projects. Regions and Countries Issues. Preview this publication. The overdue recognition that development in all sectors is an inherently political process is driving international aid providers to try to learn how to think and act politically.

The Almost Revolution

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Apolitical Roots Breaking the Political Taboo: ss 3. The Door Opens to Politics 4. Advancing Political Goals 5. Politically Smart Development Aid 7. The Unresolved Debate on Political Goals 8. The Integration Frontier Conclusion 9. The Long Road to Politics. More Political.