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Everything is praising Allah by doing the work Allah ordered it to do. Do birds , clouds , winds, and atoms praise Allah? Yes, all of them do Tasbeeh and praise Allah in their own way. How does the smallest particle praise Allah? Atom and its molecules are the smallest things. It is the sound they give out when their magnetic field is disturbed. Which Prophet praised Allah in a beautiful voice?

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We will recite: Find out and write two ay at telling how everything does Tasbeeh? Salim came in singing a song.

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  • Guide EL-Tahweela (no more Borders Book 1).
  • Guide EL-Tahweela (no more Borders Book 1);
  • He asked Salim why he was murmering. Kalim told him that he was reciting the Kalimah of glory.


    Is Salim right? Sometimes, when you are sleeping in the darkness of night, how you wish you had a guard who could be near you and protect you in the darkness against all dangers. How happy you will now be to know that you can really have a guard to protect you from all evils as long as you sleep. How can you have this guard? Satan cannot come near you then.

    One night, a person came quietly and began taking the stock. Abu Huraira R. I have children and I am needy. He said he was poor and had children. He will come again. I am a helpless man and have children. Now I will never come again. The next morning, the Prophet S.

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    What happened to your prisoner? He said he was helpless and had many children, so, I pitied him and again left him. This is the third and last time. Every time you say you will not come and then you come again. I will teach you some words by which Allah will give you benefit.

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    When you lie in bed at night to sleep, recite the Ayat-ul- Kursi fully. If you do this, then you will be protected by Allah and any Satan will not come near you till morning. Do you know who was talking to you in the three nights? The Ayat-ul-Kursi is the greatest verse of the Quran. This is because the idea of Tauheed is given clearly in this ayat. It tells us a lot about Allah. Tauheed is the base of faith and the base of Islam.

    EL-Tahweela (no more Borders Book 1)

    So, this ayat is very important. Do you know which ayat is the greatest in the book of Allah? Dear children, recite the Ayat-ul- 31 Kursi every night before sleeping and also when you go out. Dear children, learn the Ayat-ul-Kursi. Recite it every night before sleeping. Understand its meaning well. Which is the greatest verse of the Quran? The Ayat-ul-Kursi. What happens when we recite the Ayat-ul-Kursi?

    Allah protects us from all dangers and evil when we recite this verse.

    Yasir Shahzad( Gujrat)

    What is the central idea of the Ayat-ul-Kursi? The central idea of this verse is Tauheed or Oneness of Allah. Recite the Ayat-ul-Kursi. Write it below.

    Shahana wears a gold locket with the Ayat-ul-kursi inscribed on it. She even wears it in the toilet. Wafa tells her not to wear it but to learn and understand it. Can you take the Quran or part of the Quran in the toilet? Saif keeps a copy of the Ayat-ul-Kursi in his wallet. He says it will pro- tect him. He never learns or recites it. Irfan recites the Ayat-ul-Kursi and blows on his palms, then passes his hands over his body. Why is Saif wrong and Irfan right? Abdullah reads and understands the Ayat-ul-Kursi.

    He comes to know Allah better now. He now recites it daily, thinking about its meaning too. What do you think of Abdullah? Say: I take refuge with the Lord of the dawn. Jift] uijj jjPl 2. From the evil of created things, La j—a 3. From the evil of darkness as it spreads. From the evil of those who blow on knots, 5. And from the evil of an envier as he envies. Both the surahs were revealed together in Makkah when the Prophet and his companions had to face a lot of opposition from the enemies. This Surah is like a medicine for all types of fear and superstition, evils of magic, evils of darkness, evils of jealous people and evils of all types.

    Once, some people did magic on Prophet Muhammad S. Angel Gibreel informed him in a dream about it and also who had done the magic. He also informed the Prophet S. Now, Allah told the Prophet S.

    So, dear children, when we walk on the straight path in life, many people try to stop us from walking on it. They do this by tempting us away from the good path. Some are jealous and some even do magic on people to stop them from the right path. There are some dangers of darkness and night too. Many sins are committed at night. Wild animals, robbers and murderers attack at night in the cover of darkness. When jealousy increases too much, it becomes dangerous and a jealous person can even hurt another person.

    Magic is usually done by making knots and blowing on them. It is a dirty witchcraft done by weak and evil people.