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I've read quite a few of his books, and came across the author Peron Long. I plan on reading more books from this author and from other Urban Books authors. I really enjoy these books! Devlin was sleeping with a married woman named Leslie for 5 years.

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He thought it was perfect. He had someone to have sex when he needed it.

The Menzingers

He had quit his teaching job and made and sold educational products. Leslie wanted to be with Devlin after he became wealthy from selling these products. He knew that she only wanted him now because of his money. He wanted something more than her. Simone Jackson thought she was a lesbian, but not until she was in college. She caught her roommate with another female. She became curious. She later kissed a girl and was blown away by how it felt. She began to wonder after years of being with women, if a man could make her feel the same.

Devlin was supposed to be on Simone's talk show, but they met each other in person before that and they both felt sparks. Simone is there to comfort Devlin when his best friend dies.

The women in each of their lives don't like what develops Devlin was truly a gentleman. He wanted to treat Simone right and not move to fast.

I'm glad he realized that his relationship with Leslie was not going anywhere and he needed to find a woman who doesn't want him for his money and will treat him right. Simone was a great woman and really was there for Devlin, unlike Leslie. I really liked this book and want to read more books by this author! Jul 21, Nandi Crawford rated it it was amazing Shelves: black-chick-lit , mother-daughter-relationship , romance , relationships , the-bold-and-sexy , the-south-and-it-s-things , the-story-and-glory-of-love. But heavy government cuts to music and arts funding were badly affecting opportunities for young people.

This created an opportunity for Levi's to create positive change. By building and kitting out community studios all over Europe a ON: E. Shell - Gravity Light MediaCom Our objective was to bring to life the transformative power of bright energy ideas. We did this by bringing light to off-grid communities in Kenya through pioneering technology, and sharing our story with Energy Engaged Millennials, our target audience, worldwide.

The result? In this work Carat devised campaigns to keep people talking about Baileys and finding moments to indulge — both as a drink and as a cooking ingredient — in the UK, Spain and Italy. Media Owner Media Idea — Launch. Project 84 ITV The purpose of any launch is to get things moving: in the right direction and with the right energy.

And so, Metro devised a new Money section. Halifax wanted to align itself with relevant lifestyle content an Pearl Drops 'Look. With a pint of course! Red Dwarf, the much-loved sci-fi comedy show was coming back for a 12th series.

Even better, we can interact with them daily, opening up an Because it was offering quotations direct to customers, FirstCarQuote was looking to disrupt the UK driver's traditional way of shopping for car insurance -by visiting price comparison sites once a year. The brand required a mob Turning London Underground 'Beefeater Pink' with strawberry-scented posters Exterion Media UK Limited In a media first, Exterion Media invented a screen-printing technique for posters to harness the powerful effect of scent with bold visuals - making a London Underground station smell like strawberries for the launch of Pernod Ricard UK's Beefeater Pink gin.

The aim was to create a truly personalised experience that brought to life the brand's mission to help everyone "Spend It Well at Christmas". In its first Christmas campaign fo We came up with a campaign that took the essence of the Co-op branding and elevated the Co-op We be Both films Magic Radio Breakfast Show Sponsorship Bauer Media Ronan Keating has been asked by every theme park in the world to perform his biggest solo hit on a roller-coaster.

Magic had the unique offering for o We needed to take the existing idea of the San Miguel Rich List and amplify it beyond its previous scope, inspiring millennial drinkers to see San Miguel as an aspirational brand with a premium point of view and va The Volvo V40 Prime Now Test Drive Amazon Advertising In , Volvo wanted a media owner who could deliver an attention-grabbing idea focused on young couples and families living in major cities.

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Users in four cities were directed to a Volvo brand hub on Amazon via we Helping Movember re-gain its Mojo Sky Media Movember needed to get men to talk more openly about their physical and mental health and grow a moustache to raise money and save lives. With suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45, action was needed!

Despite the tough brief, it attracted over 50 entries from across the industry. It wanted to inspire families to make lifestyle changes and spend quality time outdoors and ultimately drive footfall into store. Paypal Mythbusters with Havas and Channel 4 Channel 4 In an increasingly convoluted market, PayPal were struggling to communicate the variety of services they offer and how versatile they can be. They are not just a button on eBay!

An insider's guide to Hamilton: the fall and rise of an industrial powerhouse

We challenged the brief to make the campaign diverse as possible to From Osterley to Hollywood Digital Cinema Media The traditional trailer reel is one of the most cherished parts of the cinema experience. What if you had the idea to create content that was so cinematic it could disrupt the trailers to be immersed among them? Owner and Agency Best use of Audio. This paper is about the application of advertising in context, but done proper.

Jaguar Land Rover: The Discovery Adventures Mindshare UK It began with a truth about modern life that developed into a creative idea to create in-car experiences designed to make Land Rover Discovery the standout choice for adventurous families. We created and produced a unique audio experience using cutting-edge technology that resulted in a podcast series that, against stiff competition from the BB The Guardian and Airbnb The Guardian Airbnb has established itself as a destination for younger travellers, but they saw a growth opportunity for families.

How could we convince families to take the plunge and book and Airbnb for their summer holiday? Audio seemed to be the perfect medium to communicate the sense of adventure an Airbnb holiday can encapsulate. Audiobooks are boomi Even if that news is a new perspective on something people thought they already knew. So, to connect with their readers in the UK, US, and the world, they decided to celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest orators of all time, John F.

On the 22nd of Novemb Clearly we needed to make Fanta cool again. Did we succeed? Nike: Nothing Beats A Londoner Mindshare UK This is a story about creating a campaign driven by a multitude of content, letting Young Londoners put the various pieces together to create their own version of the story.

Moving beyond Marcuse: Gentrification, displacement and the violence of un-homing

Similarly to most banks, HSBC struggles with associations of being a cold and corporate brand. In , Our team captured this on video with completion rates 4. Together with Cancer Research UK, we set out to tell a new story. Just like newsbrands, news about cancer is usually Focusing on everyday scenarios where loneliness is ignored by those of us with fulf Long-Term Media Strategy. Three: Living Life To The Full, Without Consequences Mindshare UK This is the story of how insights mined from customer data drove a long-term strategy to increase brand love and consideration for Three, delivering additional revenue.

Both have jobs that put them on the road most of the time, so they can live where they choose. In the overall scheme of things, especially in the South, Nashville is very expensive. I was a reverse commuter living in San Francisco for many years. The experience was less safe, convenient, and economical but more interesting and colorful than living in Silicon Valley. A downside not yet mentioned is what this does to the politics of the city hosting the reverse commuters: it makes them more progressive.

The hipsters are not rooted in the city, it is a theme park for young adults, and they have great fun playing the part of SJWs when not waiting in line for 45 minutes to get into a trendy restaurant. Then they enter some of them anyway a more mature adulthood and move away to have kids or maybe stepping over bums to unlock their front door does not seem so vibrant after a few years. They are replaced with someone who is just like they were.

Pretty soon you have San Francisco today — the oversubscribed yet unlivable city. You are certainly on to something here. Twenty and thirty somethings have little real interest in government, and even less in politics. If they participate at all, it is likely an ill considered vote.

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The central planner needs everyone squeezed into the confines of the city grid in order to determine where and when they may go and what they may do. Then again, it takes only a pinch of environmentalism to make an otherwise harmless urbanite into a foaming-at-the-mouth aspirational authoritarian to borrow a phrase. On one trip from Virginia some years ago, we had to venture into downtown Boston to find a specific destination and we were pretty much lost.

I pulled into a firehouse and told the guy sitting in front we thought we were lost. Having been to Boston only a few times, I love it. They behave like little tyrants, infantile in many ways, but so certain of their belief system that they can allow no alternate suppositions. Retail Lawyer View Comment :. People with no children are rarely grounded enough to vote wisely because they have no long term stake in the world.

Kephalithos View Comment :. They are. They are raising children. Instead of wandering around the city for amusement and expensive food they are keeping up their suburban property and cooking healthy meals for their children. These are of course generalizations.