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He never expected her to slip into the dominant role quite that easily.

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His imagination took flight as he opened the door. His cock hardened further as he pictured her mounting him while he lay helpless to stop her, her breasts swaying freely in front of his face, teasing him with their nearness and powerless to touch them. Knowing that reality often surpassed the imaginary, he headed straight for the bed, since no other piece of furniture in here would suffice for what she planned. He probably should let her dictate his every action, but at this point the anticipation of finally taking a mate—taking Maryann to mate—left him in a hurry to see things progress.

Only after he settled back against the headboard in the center of the bed did he notice the longs strips of shiny black material in her hands.

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He smiled, unable not to once he realized she came prepared, not just to ensure her safety, but to follow the mating ritual as the Manruvians had for hundreds of generations. Using the Manruvian Mate Bonds as restraints told him more than her words that she fully intended to mate with him this evening. She stopped running—from him, and her future.

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Her willingness to face life head on rather than run from it filled him with pride. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching.

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Paranormal Shape-shifter Erotica Fiction. Mikel's Wrath by Bonnie Rose Leigh. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Cover Art by Martine Jardin. More From Worlds Apart. Taliff's Cure Bonnie Rose Leigh. Hunter's Revenge Bonnie Rose Leigh. Mikel's Wrath Bonnie Rose Leigh. Ryan's Hope Bonnie Rose Leigh.

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Read more. For five years, he has lived with the pain of having failed his mate.

Nottingham Forest hands Mikel massive defeat on his birthday

A man who sacrificed his freedom for the sake of another. Cyaan will do everything within his power to bring his mate's kidnapper to justice. But his campaign takes an unexpected turn when he discovers he has a second mate, Loken. Son of the God of Wrath, Loken lives by the blade and has no intention of losing his heart to love. Unwilling to lose yet another mate, Cyaan convinces him to aid in the rescue of the only man who can complete them.

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After escaping the ruthless clutches and desires of his captor, Jace once again finds himself held captive by not one man, but two. Both fierce warriors eager to claim him as their mate and protect him at all costs.

But he has been damaged almost beyond repair. It will take every ounce of Cyaan and Loken's loving patience to convince Jace that he is more than worthy of them.

Yet even the formidable bonds of love they form for each other might not be strong enough to withstand the determination of Mikel, son of the God of Death. He will stop at nothing to regain possession of Jace, even if it means their deaths. I have always been a lover of books, particularly those with the dichotomy of the strong alpha male and the weaker love of their life which they must rescue. Hot, sexy men times two?

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No contest. Unfortunately, I was reading faster than the authors could produce.

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Eventually, I resorted to imagining my own stories and my mind took off from there. I have to admit, though, I am a bit of a recluse.