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Powered by Foodbeast, the Rivals Cafe is a new pickup window at the store, where customers can purchase iconic sandwiches and hot dogs inspired by the culinary histories of Los Angeles and Chicago.

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The cafe is open now through Nov. Any Foot Locker customer purchasing apparel or footwear from the Rivals Collection will receive a complimentary menu item from the Rivals Cafe. The Paige Shoe Studio features over 60 styles, with new styles released at both locations in limited quantities. The Paige brand entered the shoe category last year. Retail Intel: October Retail Intel: September Retail Intel: August FN Staff. Taft's New York store.

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This means that in some cases someone announces they are going to open stores…some of those may be in this year, some next year. We split these to the appropriate year.

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Others tracking would put any announced numbers in the year they were announced regardless of when those openings or closings might happen. So our numbers show the total number of net stores opening and closing. Others count every closing and every opening. This is fine if you have a broad view of retail. What is missing in this approach is a view of the chains.


Private equity, debt, and over expansion by a certain number of retailers skews what is happening to all the companies in the segment. By looking at things on a chain-based level, looking at the net of opens and closings per chain, you see how many chains are doing well and how many are not. So even though apparel stores have closed 13, stores, 2.

Bottom line, our approach shows whether it is a retailer specific issue or an industry issue. It shows we have a retailer problem, not a retail problem.

How did you choose the 1, retailers? Practically, this implies the following: The purchasing company can use the data and research worldwide internally as long as the international organizations are wholly owned subsidiaries of the purchasing company. The data or any research cannot be distributed in whole or in part to partners or customers without express written approval from IHL Group. The purchasing company may quote components of the data limited use in presentations to customers such as specific charts. Search x.

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An article from. Brief Retail closures more than double openings.

Merrie Melodies Openings and closings 1931-1969 Best one ever

Kaarin Vembar for Retail Dive. Author By Daphne Howland daphnehowland. Published Aug. Share it post share tweet. Dive Brief: Major retailers this year have announced 7, store closures as of July 31, according to the latest tracking information from Coresight Research. Filed Under: Corporate News. Get Retail Dive in your inbox The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines Email: Select Newsletter: Retail Dive Topics covered: retail tech, e-commerce, in-store operations, marketing, and more.