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Dear Reader,. My dog died recently. She was an almost two-year-old Yorkie that somehow managed to find herself stuck in a Georgetown townhouse with four rowdy football players.

Her name was Princess. Princess was no ordinary dog, she had special powers. Princess had the ability to cheer you up when you were down.

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Princess had super speed and a bark that could wake everyone on the block at 6 in the morning. But the power that trumped them all was that Princess was born without fear.

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  6. I can remember times when I would walk her and have to pull her away from a dog that was even bigger than me because she wanted to pick a fight. Or how when she jumped off the top step, she would always fall on her face, but she would always get back up. Princess was fearless.

    Princess Nostalgia – Ode to boy

    But do you think she had any regrets as she lay in my arms during her last moments? She spent her last moments in life having made a decision and sticking with it. She was willing to live, or die, with the consequences, whatever they might be. Even though Princess was a dog, I admire her spirit.

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    She inspired me in the way that she lived. I can only hope to live being able to stand by every decision I ever make. I can only hope to die without any regrets in my heart. She died trying to chase a dog across the street. While I hope that my destiny will have more meaning to the world, the lesson still remains true.

    Ode to the Most American Princess of All

    While Lord Vader had become an icon of how a true villain, a lesson in how blocking, tone, and sound can create the perfect adversary. Carrie Fisher became a symbol of the indomitable spirit that defines humanity.

    The Light that always rises to challenge the Darkness. May you be one with the force, always. Become a member. Sign in.

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