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Anonymous More than 1 year ago This is a quick and easy read. It was engaging and a quick read. It was a bit more of a pat story than Ms Welles's usual work. I'm looking forward to my next read.

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Melhay More than 1 year ago Sabina is returning home from her duty filled European trip. A home town that livens up at Halloween, New Orleans.

Halloween is just days away. Gighul gets the night away from home and wants to hang with Sabina and Adam, like the old days, at Erron's for dinner. Erron shares news that his concert won't happen on Halloween after what his psychic bassist saw. And Brooks rushes in late with terrible news of a missing waitress who had a date with a vampire two nights ago and hasn't been home since. Brooks is terrified for the girl as she once was into drugs and, well, vampire!

Gighul and Adam are ready to go find Candy, but Sabina isn't as gun ho especially after she learns the girl is an ex of Adam's. I don't want to say to much and give the story away. I enjoy this world and seeing these characters again. I was a little surprised to see Sabina was living in New Orleans, then not so much with the friends she made here and the thinness of the veil between life and death - with her connections and all. Oh I loved the evil and wicked Sabina. The saucy woman ready to draw her gun and shoot first.

Sabina has grown and changed with the position she has inherited. And the people around her have loved her and it shows. Sabina seems to be managing well as head of the Dark Races Cabinet. Sabina has matured! She still has a stubborn streak, but she's learning. We hear, see, names we are very familiar with.

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Then we have the one and only Gighul. But there are so many more that are present in this short read. It's amazing how Jaye was able to bring such a cast together in a quick read.

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It is so cool to see them all again. To see where they all went and became. They are all still the same feisty bunch we meet but time and life has taken each to a new level in their lives. The first page tells you how it all ends and the way things are now for everyone.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago Good. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Great addition to an excellent series. Makes me want to re-read the series. This short story will leave you wishing there was more. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Bryan frowns, a little confused why his best friend wasn't talking.

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She went to turn the knob when she felt a hand grab her arm. She turns around- oh great, it was Rachel. How could she not tell her best friend? It's about Mr. Catherine tell me now! I don't know why I figured you'd be a friend for once and tell me what's wrong. Not like you ever do anyways. Why was it so hard for him to understand? She just didn't want to talk there Oh well.

She didn't have time. She spins around and opens the door.

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She took a deepbreath before stepping out into the hallway. Clark blinks a few times. I'm sorry Miss Janette. But it was urgent. Clark smiles. But don't worry.

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It doesn't involve you at all. Top Secret? What the hell did that mean? Why did he suddenly change? What was so secret, but yet he could tell it was secret, instead of lying? Surely he wanted her to know.. Sounds like you're a spy!

Clark slightly laughed and walked over to Cathy. He put an arm around her neck, and leans over, whispering in her ear. But if you were, why would you tell me? Clark shrugs. Now how about we let you skip school for a few days? I'll count you as if you were there, and not absent. I did personally purchase Rusted Veins and no compensation was provided in exchange for this review.

All opinions are my own. But for Sabina Kane and the rest of Team Awesome, this year's celebration has its share of nasty tricks. When Brooks's new waitress goes missing, the Changeling asks Sabina to help him find her. The problem? The missing mage is one of Adam Lazaru's old flames, and having her show up in their lives is giving Sabina heartburn. Plus saving her may also threaten the fragile peace Sabina's achieved for the Dark Races.

Luckily for Adam's ex—but unlucky for her kidnappers—Sabina Kane isn't easily spooked. I rate Rusted Veins 5 out of 5 Bullets! Follow Me. First Name. Last Name. Search This Site.