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Ring The Doorbell Challenge (Week 3)

I love this website. It is amazing. Thats enough now.

Millenials are killing the Doorbell Industry by texting 'here'

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Have You Ever Wondered...

It was fun learning about how doorbells work! Sometimes we take them for granted. We're glad you liked this Wonder, Aidan!

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We've got lots of cool new features You can also nominate your Wonder and it will be posted to the nominations board! How neat! I wonder why a doorbell seems so complicated and I can't believe it takes 6 to 16 volts just to work! Can you believe it? Hey there, Maddy and Brittany! Thank you for sharing your comments today- we are glad you're here!

Doorbells are pretty cool to Wonder about, aren't they? Hey there, Zach! Thanks for telling us all about what you learned about doorbells today!

You did a great job summarizing the purpose of doorbells, and how they work! Way to go!

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Chloe and Justin, way to go! You've both learned something new about doorbells- how they work, why they work, and what they do! Thanks for sharing your comments today! I learned a lot about the doorbells that did not know. I still wonder about the doorbell and more. That's awesome, Matthew! Thank you for telling us about what you learned from our ringing Wonder! We Wonder if you can build a doorbell of your own, with the help of your family and a doorbell circuit kit? Thanks for sharing your comment, Michael! There are lots of wires, but the circuit is super cool to build! We Wonder if you have a doorbell at home?

Hey there, Macy! Doorbells are just one example of a circuit. When you switch the lights on and off in your classroom, a circuit is involved, too! I had no idea how doorbells work, now I do, and it's very interesting.

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I wonder who invented the doorbell, because I think it's a great invention. It helps a lot of people when someone comes to your house, you may be doing something, then you hear a ring so you know someone's there.

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  5. I think a doorbell helps a lot. Hey there, Alex V and Amme! Thanks for sharing your comments- you both did a spectacular job of summarizing what you learned from our Wonder! Do each of you have a doorbell at home? We bet it's helpful, especially when you're in the middle of doing something, like Amme mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing what you learned about how a circuit works, Alex V! A doorbell works with circuit that travels over and over. The doorbell echoes through the house and make it louder. Cool I did not know that about doorbells. Are electrical doorbells expensive? Who invented doorbells?

    1. Check compatibility and voltage requirements

    I predict tomorrow's wonder will be about what do people eat in China like noodles. Hey there, Brooke! We are so glad you have even more Wonder questions-- nice work! McKenna and Mason, we're so glad you shared your comments with us! Doorbells are cool, and even though they look complicated, they are really fun to Wonder about!

    We're glad you used your imaginations to think about how you can customize your own doorbell, too! We bet you can listen to your favorite tune each time someone rings your doorbell! They have so many different parts it's crazy. I wonder if you can customize your own doorball tone like a phone? I think that it is really cool how a doorbell works because it's such a small process of how a doorbell works. When you ring a doorbell it seems like nothing because there is a really big process that is going on inside.

    I think doorbells are important because they are not as loud as knocks. It's so much fun to read your comments you shared! Thanks for summarizing what you learned and why doorbells are great! We think you rock! A doorbell works like this, A copper wire is coiled around a strip of metal, then when you push the button it turns on the power to the D.