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By David M. At the request of the other Allies, on 9th August , a force of over 1. Volume 2 covers the detailed course of operational and tactical fighting in virtually every combat sector. This critical examination of the final Soviet strategic offensive operation during World War II seeks to chip away at two generally inaccurate pictures many Westerners have of the war. Specifically, Westerners seem to think that only geography, climate, and sheer numbers negated German military….

This book is based on Soviet archival sources, most previously untapped by Western and Soviet and post-Soviet Russian historians, in addition to German material from the US National Archives. Using this material the author describes the harsh realities of partisan warfare and explains the changing….

By Evgenii D. Edited by David M.

Russian-Chinese military cooperation

This new book is a chronological narrative of the experiences of Evgenii Moniushko, who lived through and survived the first year of the siege of Leningrad and who served as a junior officer in the Red Army during the last eighteen months of war and the first year of the Soviet occupation of…. By Anders Frankson , Niklas Zetterling.

The battle at Kursk in is often referred to as the greatest tank battle in the history of warfare. This volume makes extensive use of German archival documents as well as various Russian books and articles. As well as an account of the battle, it addresses methodological issues. Edited by David Glantz.

The Nature of the Operations of Modern Armies (Soviet Russian Study of War)

The Soviet Stavka had planned a campaign consisting of a series of massive operations spanning the…. Glantz , Harold S. A comprehensive guide to the battle for the Ukraine from the Soviet perspective during the winter of This volume is an unexpurgated translation of the originally classified Soviet General Staff Study No.

Edited by David Glantz , Harold S. The Red Army's summer offensive of against Hitler's Wehrmacht was unprecedented in terms of its scale, scope, and strategic intent and impact. This study details how the Red Army accomplished this feat in the words of those individuals who planned and orchestrated the offensive. This volume offers detailed information about the Red Army's preparation for and conduct of the Battle of Kursk, the nature of the war on the German Eastern Front, and on the range of horrors that have characterized warfare in the 20th century.

Edited by Lester W. This collection of vignettes was written by Soviet junior officers describing their experiences fighting the Mujahideen guerillas. It is not a history of the Soviet-Afghan war, but snapshots of combat as seen by young platoon leaders, company commanders, battalion commanders and military advisers. Edited by Richard N.

Armstrong , Joseph G. Based on German and Soviet military archival material, this book provides an insight into the tactics and planning for combat in a winter climate. It also studies the mechanisms for change in an army during the course of battle. The first part of the book looks at the tactical pamphlet 'People's…. This collection of texts has been taken from formerly classified material in the official Red Army General Staff journal 'Military Thought'. The results are two volumes of great scope based on archival evidence.

They stand as a compulsory reference point for anyone with an interest in the…. The Soviet military concept of operational art and the associated theories such as "war of annihilations", "deep battle", and "deep operations" have been observed by the West since World War II.

The Nature of the Operations of Modern Armies - CRC Press Book

The Soviet government hid their military-theoretical work behind a veil of secrecy. Here, the Soviet…. Triandafillov's contribution to the theories of deep battle, successive operations and deep operations, and to the study of 'future war', is historically significant and his methodology still merits serious reflection and study. First published in , his book offers key insights into the professional military's assessment of the need for the industrialization and militarization of the Soviet economy and society in the light of the prevailing assumptions about probable opponents in a future war.

It’s Time to Talk About A2/AD: Rethinking the Russian Military Challenge

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A conscript soldier who rose through the ranks to become an officer in the Tsarist Army, he saw combat in both the First World War and the Russian Civil War. A student of some of the finest military specialists teaching the first generation of young Red commanders, he sought to link theory and practice by using past experience to comprehend future combat. Seller Inventory AAV This item is printed on demand.

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