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Coronal sections showing staining for tyrosine hydroxylase a marker for dopamine in the substantia nigra, pars compacta. Adapted from Haber and Fudge. Coronal section of nonhuman primate brain at the level of the amygdala stained with cresyl violet boxed area. Subdivisions of the primate amygdala include: the basolateral nuclear group BLNG , the corticomedial amygdala, and the central amygdaloid nucleus the caudal part of the central extended amygdala.

Coronal sections through the primate brain at the level of the A rostrocentral and B caudal central extended amygdala.

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These levels contain the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and sublenticular extended amygdala A , and central nucleus B. Arrows indicate densely concentrated neurotensin immunoreactivity which marks the medial subdivisions of the central extended amygdala in the primate.

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The major inputs to the central extended amygdala. Note that the medial central extended amygdala receives afferents from the internal milieu via caudal brainstem and hypothalamus. Schematic of the central extended amygdala projections to the dopamine subpopulations.


Internal and external stimuli are integrated by the medial part of the central extended amygdala gray. The output of these combined DA subpopulations includes the ventral limbic and central cognitive domains of the striatum, the amygdala, and the cortex. The lateral regions of the central extended amygdala are relatively devoid of inputs from the internal milieu and project selectively to the dorsal tier dark gray.

The extended amygdala-DA pathway is a route by which impaired amygdaloid function can directly influence DA regulation. Psychopharmacology ; 99 suppl :S18—27 Google Scholar. Natl Acad Sci U. Brain Res ; 1—2 — Google Scholar.

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The Primate Nervous System, Part III, Volume 15

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CARTA: Uniquely-Human Features of the Brain: John Allman - Von Economo Neurons

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The Primate Nervous System, Part III, Volume 15 - 1st Edition

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