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45 Literary Quotes About Change

The Geeks who took care of everything high-tech. The Healers who could usually be found at the clinic. And the Hunters, who were the protectors.

Inside, the HQ was buzzing with activity. No big surprise. Which was why Rage should have suspected that something was up when Parish led him to a back room that offered them a temporary privacy. The two male Hunters looked similar at a glance. Both had deeply bronzed skin and dark hair, although Rage kept his cut short. And both had broad shoulders and sculpted muscles that were covered by worn jeans and T-shirts despite the chill in the air.

But while the older Parish looked like a lethal killer with scars that bisected the side of his angular face, Rage was blessed with the features of an angel. Even more fascinating, his eyes were a stunning violet that was flecked with gold. - Rage Characters

At the moment, he looked every inch the deadly Hunter. Rage grimaced, deliberately leashing his instinctive aggression. It was only when his cat was provoked to violence that it was obvious why his faction was Hunter instead of Diplomat.

Below them a few Pantera mothers were sharing a late lunch while their cubs tumbled across the spongy ground. It was winter in the Wildlands, but the Pantera embraced the brisk air.

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Rage hesitated. Almost like a fabled wood sprite who flitted among the trees, spreading mist and magic. Including himself.

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Okay, it was possible that Rage had done both of those things. All of them had refused to talk to him for weeks.

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Or at least, not everything was about sex. More than a few of his dates had been nothing more than two friends enjoying an evening together. Their feel. Just having them near.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

Frankenstein was trying to play god, and he went beyond the bounds of acceptable scientific ambition. Of course people died.

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The descent into wrath is accelerated by the rejection the creature encounters time and time again as he tries to forge human connections with people who are horrified by his gruesome appearance. Frankenstein fails not as a scientist, but as a parent. The novel cautions us that human creativity begets things of great power, and dramatizes what happens when a creator significantly shirks his responsibility.

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  • In writing the novel, Shelley made a series of deliberate decisions to encourage us to adopt this more nuanced reading, and not spring for the simpler warning about hubris. Where were the secret lab and the mad scientist and the hulking, bolt-necked monster I knew from the movies? The creature that Shelley imagined is nothing like his mute, clumsy, Hollywood and Halloween monster cousins.

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    Frankenstein fails to create a context in which the creature could thrive, so he becomes wounded, and his grief and isolation warp into rage and violence. This is a survivor of abuse, not an ungodly horror. Shelley built that fuzziness into the structure of the novel. The aim is to explore our evolving relationships with science and technology, and contemporary interpretations of monstrosity. If we want happier endings to these stories, we need to take our responsibilities as creators seriously, and offer all of our creations the care and respect they need to flourish.

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