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Mary Roach: "Benefits - Well, I tend to be of the mindset that if it's not hurting anybody, it's fine! I think if someone is driven to seek out pornography, and they decide to, they're going to find it whether it takes them 30 seconds or two days. I don't think the accessibility is turning people into addicts, although in terms of drawbacks, the internet - having it available instantly, all the time, anywhere, even in the office - I suppose could encourage or enable behaviors that are potentially damaging to careers and relationships.

As well, children having access to it certainly isn't a terribly positive thing. Abe: You're incredibly open about sex, to the extent of helping science by participating in sexual experiments yourself, and with your husband. Mary Roach: "I don't know about those problems, per se, but it certainly contributes to a lot of the relationship problems between couples. I think most of those problems could be remedied with a communication and b removal of the fear and anxiety of talking about it.

For instance, say a guy loses his erection.

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This happens, from time to time. If we shrug it off, make a joke about it, discuss it, it loses importance and associated anxiety. But without communication and laughter, it becomes a big deal. Sex needs more laughter in it. Funny things happen. As for the bigger stuff, I would say it does contribute, yes.

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I suppose if you looked at, say, the Netherlands, where they're more open, but.. This isn't an arena where I've put in much research or thought, but intuitively I would say yes, the don't-talk-about-it attitude toward sex in our society is probably damaging on a larger scale. Abe: Would you rather get a good love or romance story, or a good piece of steamy erotica from a valentine?

Mary Roach: "A good piece of steamy erotica, definitely. Romance is harder to write well, I think, and doesn't tend to be up my alley. I'm going to go with the erotica. In fact, if a lover didn't know me well enough to not buy me a romance novel, it might be a deal breaker! Abe: Can you recommend some reading to fans of Bonk who'd like to learn more about the science of sex? It was first published in , and was really the first book of its kind, so they were very concerned that people would view it as smut.

As such, they did everything they could to downplay any possible offensiveness, so the book is written with these elaborate euphemisms. For instance, if a man can't achieve an erection, it's called a 'failure of erective performance'. And a couple having sex is called a 'responding unit'.

Most of the research and writing was done in the late s, so it gives a real glimpse of a very conservative time. They had very real concerns that there would be a lot of angry reaction. And they were right - William Masters once said at some conference that they had to hire a secretary to answer all the hate mail. Mary Roach: "Some of my favorites The Fruit Hunters , such a wonderful nonfiction book.

It came out last year and didn't get nearly the attention it deserved. The author is a wonderful reporter, a truly magical writer, who writes with such vivid imagination. Such a fantastic read. I recently read City of Refuge by Tom Piazza.

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It's a fictionalized account from the Hurricane Katrina disaster that follows two families, and really brings it home. I don't think I had, before reading it, fully realized the scope of the human tragedy that happened in New Orleans.

Oh, and anything by Bill Bryson ". AbeBooks: You've been selling on AbeBooks for about 10 years. Do you also have a brick and mortar store? Alta-Glamour: "We are both sexologists. We met in the exotic sexual archives of the Institute and have been twirling happily ever since. Being sexologists means we are professionally trained to understand the entire range of sexual practices in an objective and non-judgmental manner.

We are well-versed in the history of sexually explicit materials and the related academic fads and sexual styles. We can evaluate and handle all sorts of sexually explicit materials and discuss them respectfully and in detail with customers and researchers. Our day is probably not unlike other booksellers - evaluating and purchasing collections, entering data, scanning, uploading files to the Internet, printing out invoices, and carefully packing and taking it all to the post office.

Is it more fun because all the books are about sex? We hope so! To contribute to the Valentine's theme, when the day of stacking and packing sex books is through, we drive back up to our cozy little love-cabin in a nudist recreation park, build a fire, and nuzzle up together. Abe: You have a tremendous collection of sex-based literature, from old pinup magazines to medical and psychiatric journals to vintage erotica.

How did you amass this extensive collection and become a bookseller?

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Alta-Glamour: "We are on a mission to save these popular culture sexual expressions from censorship or the dustbin. This is our sexual history we are preserving, protecting, and providing; we take this mission very seriously. We have over 10, books and magazines, plus thousands of photographs, posters, pamphlets and other ephemera. Ivan has persistently collected and carefully organized these materials over the last 35 years. Like many second-hand booksellers, we are part of a kind of invisible college, and welcome referrals from collectors who are ready to sell and those colleagues who would rather not handle sexually explicit materials.

AbeBooks: What came first, your interest in sex as a field of study, or your interest in books?

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Alta-Glamour: "For both of us, the interest in books came first. Ivan's interest in sexual materials expanded from his commitment to collecting and selling materials about obscenity and the repression of information. Cynde came to sex from her study of the history of marginal sciences. Abe: After having a look through your catalog, your erotic fiction collection is certainly diverse. Our international customers are responsible for monitoring their own local regulations. All of our customers are responsible for knowing that they are purchasing sexually explicit materials.

Abe: Has being in a sex-based line of work positively or negatively impacted your social life? Do you get invited to more parties, or judged? Alta-Glamour: "We are both accustomed to, and even revel in, our marginalization. Neither of us want fame or to be invited to parties. We work hard and have earned the respect of our fellow professionals - sexologists, librarians, booksellers - and the trust of our customers, the readers and collectors of sexually explicit materials.

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Abe: From a literary point of view, for the reader who's in it for the story as well as the sex, what are some of the better titles you've read? Alta-Glamour: "The Paris Olympia Press published a great range of stories with plenty of historical and literary value. New York Olympia Press also has some excellent works.

Leyland publishes a great array of contemporary gay fantasy.

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We both are partial to sexually explicit comic books, graphic novels, and books with sexual artworks, for example Georges Pichard , R. Crumb , Bill Ward and Gene Bilbrew. Alta-Glamour: "We recently received a collection of 's " Soho Bibles " - typescripts illustrated with photographic reproductions of drawings, typically sold under the table or circulated by private libraries. A collection on this scale is very scarce.

We both enjoy sexual humor, and collect exemplars from the long history of sexual jokes, folklore, drawings, books, gags, and three-dimensional constructions. We are more excited by, say, old birth control manuals with a kinetic cycle dial than by a first-edition anything. Abe: Romance, erotica, pornography or other: What are some of your favorite books? Alta-Glamour: "Cynde likes to read first-person stories of body trouble, alien abduction stories, conspiracy theories, and other topics that reveal the margins of science and society.

Ivan prefers to relax with mysteries and great novels. Happy Valentine's Day to all! The storyline is enjoyable, but not predictable. Lord Richard Harcourt has devised a master plan for ridding himself of debt. The notorious rake will abduct a wealthy heiress.