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Add Review bargainvinyl1 June 11, Report. Charles Spurling was quoted as having said that Junior was giving him a lift across town on his recently acquired motorbike, when he called out that he couldn't see. Charles took control of the bike thus averting an accident.

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As a result of this sudden onset of vision loss Junior went to the hospital where the diagnosis of a brain tumour was subsequently made. His sad death followed shortly afterwards.

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Charles had a copy of the 45 which he had apparently removed from the King record library Charles had also apparently said, when interviewed that he couldn't find the 45 and upon asking his son discovered that he had taken it to play. Charles tried for a few years to get it back but his son said he had lent it to a friend and subsequently it had disappeared. Used to express that considerable effort has been exerted even though success has not been attained.

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Attempt to do something for the first time, typically in order to find out if one is good at it. Used to suggest that one may be willing to do something unexpected or unlikely. Put on an item of clothing to see if it fits or suits one.

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Sense 1 of the noun dates from the early 17th century. More example sentences. I or he etc. Assess whether something is suitable.